Rebates are not available from all registrants of Right at Home Realty Brokerage. The commission rebate is guaranteed and paid personally by Alan ISIK, not Right at Home Realty Brokerage. Rebate is to be paid to the buyer within 20 days of closing. For resale transactions, the rebate amount must be disclosed to both parties of the transaction.

Are There Any Extra Costs That I as a Purchaser Will Have To Pay?

There are no additional fees of any kind that you as the purchaser will have to incur. No fees for showings or making offers.

What does the $5,000 minimum fee mean?

If the total commission is under $10,000 then you will receive the commission after the $5,000 minimum fee is deducted. In most cases when the purchase price exceeds $400,000, the minimum does not apply.

If the commission is under $5,000 that I will owe you money?

If this should happen then you are not expected to pay us any money at all.

What can I expect by way of service from you?

You will receive complete services from us.

When do I get my cashback?

Rebate is to be paid to the buyer within 20 days of closing.

Will you take me to see homes?

As part of our commitment to you it includes making sure that we represent you as your home buyer. You are encouraged to look at as many homes as you feel that you have a need to. It is important to me that I find the ideal home for you.

Do I have to pay HST on my cashback?

This is a question that we are not qualified to answer. You should bring this to the attention of your accountant or your tax preparer.

Are cashback rebates legal?

They certainly are. The Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA 2002) allows real estate agents to rebate* commissions to anyone that is a party to a trade in real estate. As the buyer of the property, you are a party to the real estate transaction and qualify for the commission rebate. For more information visit RECO’s website.

Will we all receive a rebate if more than one person is buying the property?

As our Exclusive Buyer Representation Contract stipulates the rebate is only paid to the names that are on the purchase and sale agreement. It is up to them as to how they want to divide the rebate they receive.

I may decide to use you as the selling agent for my current home, but would that prevent me from being eligible for the cashback rebate for my new home purchase?

We would be pleased to act as your selling agent and it will definitely not disqualify you from enjoying the cash back rebate.